A Day of Thanks and Honor

Saturday, November 17th was an incredible day of celebration here at The Watermark at Rosewood Gardens.

We began with a sumptuous, decadent Thanksgiving Champagne Brunch for all of our families and friends and afterward we were joy-filled and thankful for the amazing meal we were treated to and a very special tribute to honor our veterans.

The Warrior Watch Riders, a local motorcycle club whose sole purpose is honoring, remembering and thanking veterans for their service organized this event with the assistance of our Memory Care Coordinator, Dawn Schubert. The group creates memorable events for veterans returning home as well as those who served previously. This event where there was nary a dry eye in the house honored 12 of our residents who have served in the armed forces. They did so through speeches, prayers and presenting each person with a folded flag and other thoughtful gifts. The groups were accompanied by nine therapy k-9s of all shapes and sizes who were referred to as “Petting Officers”. We had planned this event to be outdoor but due to the air quality we moved it to our lobby. Being so close to each other made the whole event so much more special. We couldn’t be prouder of our service men and women and more thankful for those willing to take the time to honor them.

Please take a moment to view this video from the day of the event.


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