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Extraordinary Cruise – Vacation Day Three

This morning we all woke up in port (sort of) in Santa Barbara. Stephanie and Bruce ordered coffee to be delivered to the room but we must have slept through the delivery and until breakfast we were operating on low caffeine reserves. We made it work though, because that is the kind of rock stars we are!

Today Chris, Joyce Gloria and Beth all opted for an open air trolley tour of Santa Barbara. It was a full two hours long and hit many of the cities highlights. They were surprised to learn about a Tsunami that came up far enough into Santa Barbara that the city had to rebuild almost everything below the water line. This gave them the opportunity to require all architecture to be in the Spanish Style and is part of why the city is now so beautiful! They also have restrictions on signage and building heights to preserve the character of the city. The only stop was a brief one at the Santa Barbara Mission which was very beautiful.

Bruce and Stephanie were unable to disembark the ship today due to Santa Barbara being a “Tender” port. This means the ship does not dock but is anchored a ways off shore and people are brought to the pier in small tender boats. They are not equipped for people using wheel chairs. Bruce saw this as his golden opportunity for an all you can eat ice cream, pizza and burgers kind of day. At one point the exhaustion of marathon eating caught up with him and he decided to take a nap by the pool.

About this time Stephanie noticed the 15 minute Deck Massages that were being given and she fully indulged in this experience. When that was over and Bruce as done napping, we headed down to the Wheelhouse Bar for a rousing game of Scattigories® with our fellow passengers. Bruce became famous for his interpretation of “S Words – Things that make you Scream” (we will let you think of those on your own now).

We went back up to the deck after this and did some people watching, we observed (particularly around the pools) how people from other cultures have very different body images than those from the United States. Some of us found it refreshing while others thought we should offer some of our fellow passengers a robe to cover up.

Once the ladies were back on board we all decided to have an early dinner so we could catch a comedy show in the main theater. Tonight we were seated right next to a window and were able to watch the most beautiful sunset as we ate.

After dinner we split up for a bit and agreed to meet back at the Theater. Bruce and Stephanie waited and waited and watched the theater fill up, worried our friends were not going to make it in time. Beth, Chris, Joyce and Gloria all waited and waited too, wondering where everyone was as they sat in the front row of the…empty theater…ok it took them about 20 minutes to realize they were in the wrong theater…Too bad, they had such good seats. Well by the time we all found each other again it was too late for that show, so we all went to the Photography Gallery to take a look at our pictures from last night’s formal dinner. We loved many of them and spent much time deciding which we should purchase (if you are following this blog then you saw the one we chose in our last post). We all loved the one with Bruce surrounded by all the ladies. We bravely separated once again and agreed to meet back at the second theater for a different comedy show. Bruce discovered that his power chair was low on juice and so quickly ran back to the state room to swap into a manual chair. We made it just in time. We all were hysterical with laughter during the Comedy of AJ Jamal show.

Following the show most of us were ready for sleep, but not our energetic Beth. She decided to head back to the main theater for the second showing of the original comedy show. Try as she might to sneak in late without anyone noticing. She was unsuccessful and ended up stopping the entire show and she was told by the comedians themselves to sit in the front row where she quickly became part of their act! Beth is such a trooper.

Tomorrow – Long Beach!!

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