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Fern has a Surprise Housewarming Party

Wednesday, October 15th, started like any other day for Fern. Little did she know that her friends were preparing to surprise her! The party was held in our Café. The tables were set with white table cloths, tea cups and saucers, glasses and bright colored plates and napkins. The tables looked fantastic! Our pumpkin bread and fall themed cookies were served on silver trays lined with lacy doilies. Stephanie was on the spot with her tea expertise. By the time Fern’s friends had gathered around her for hugs Fern said she was about to cry – tears of happiness!

They enjoyed the goodies, along with Stephanie’s lovely tea and some spiced apple cider. Fern chatted non-stop and thoroughly enjoyed herself, even slipping into her Edith Ann imitation a few times. Her guests were delighted to see her happy.

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  1. Posted on 10/17/14 by katie

    Thank you for making my Grandma feel so welcome!

  2. Posted on 10/17/14 by Polly Jenkins McCrea

    How fun! Thanks for welcoming her with open arms.

  3. Posted on 10/17/14 by Vicki Johnson

    good to see aunt fern smile she looks happy.

  4. Posted on 10/17/14 by Sue Jenkins Bryan

    Ahhh. How sweet! Her picture looks like she is glowing! If you got her to do her imitations, you must have hit a homerun!! Thank you soooo much!

  5. Posted on 10/17/14 by Jenny

    You have made my mom feel so welcome! Thank you, Rosewood Garden!

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