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Laughter… the Best Medicine

Q: What is the best day to go to the beach?
A: Sunday, of course!

Yeah, we know that joke was lame, but you get the picture, laughter makes great medicine. We change physiologically when we laugh. We stretch muscles throughout our face and body, our pulse and blood pressure go up, and we breathe faster, sending more oxygen to our tissues.

People who believe in the benefits of laughter say it can be like a mild workout – and may offer some of the same advantages as a workout. “The effects of laughter and exercise are very similar,” says Steve Wilson, MA, CSP, a psychologist and laugh therapist. “Combining laughter and movement, like waving your arms, is a great way to boost your heart rate.” One pioneer in laughter research, William Fry, claimed it took ten minutes on a rowing machine for his heart rate to reach the level it would after just one minute of hearty laughs. Interested in the benefits of laughter? Click here for the full article and for more information about what effects laughter has on the body.

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