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Only in Livermore!

There are many many great things about life at The Watermark at Rosewood Gardens, not the least of which is the fact that it is located in Livermore, CA. Livermore is a perfect combination of the wine and cheese culture, the Urban life of the East Bay and the wonderful neighborliness of Mayberry. Livermore is the best, and tonight on an outing we were reminded of why.

During the summer months Livermore sponsors a series of wonderful weekly free concerts in the park. We try to attend as many as we can. Just last week we were there enjoying a great folk singer and a beautiful summer evening. Okay well, the beautiful summer evening was actually about 102 degrees and even by the end of the concert while we were loading the bus at about 9pm, it was over 90 degrees. Our driver, (that would be me) was a little frazzled; hot and just tired enough to not notice that she (me) had left two of our folding chairs on the wrong side of the bus. She (me) got in the bus from the passenger side and drove away, leaving two brand new chairs behind and not even noticing until everyone was home.

Well, we had written off those lawn chairs as gone for good. Then this week we returned to the park for another wonderful concert. We had only been in the park a minute or two before we were approached by Curt and his wife Susan. Curt and Susan were complete strangers to us until tonight when they asked if we had been at the park the week before. We told them yes and they happily told us they had seen us leave our chairs behind and saved them for us! Folks I don’t know another city or town with such caring and kind people. Livermore is simply the best! We were happy to get our chairs back and happy to make some new friends

Just by coincidence we also found out that Curt and Susan love the band “Lunafish” (this is the next band we are coming to see at the park in a few weeks), we told them we also love “Lunafish,” not just because of their awesome music but because their Drummer Bill is one of our best cooks here at The Watermark at Rosewood Gardens! It’s such a small world.

Here are some photos from our adventure at the concert tonight. Please note:

  1. Smiling faces
  2. Elvis is apparently still alive and also finds Livermore the best place to live
  3. While it was a million degrees last week it was a little chilly this week
  4. Our resident Gerry was happy when another kind music lover covered her with his blanket when he saw she looked cold. (Livermore folks are really great!)

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