Meet Dawn Schubert, Community Life Coordinator for The Gardens

If you haven’t already had the pleasure of meeting Dawn Schubert, we would like to formally introduce her. Dawn is our Community Life Coordinator for our The Gardens. She creates the innovative, fun activities, outings, and events that appear in your Memory Care Newsletter. Since she accepted the position, Dawn has taken our residents on several wonderful outings including, The Dublin Heritage Museum for a picnic and tour, The Alviso Adobe Community Park, where residents churned homemade ice cream, and Mel’s Diner for lunch. She has created new activities and moments of joy in the lives of all of our memory care residents.

Recently, Dawn has added baking projects to the weekly calendar. Residents create snacks for the day and enjoy eating their creations. Baking time brings back positive sensory memories for all of our residents. It also gives them something incredible to eat. In addition to all this, Dawn has taken leadership of our new Music & Memory program by creating individualized play lists for all of our residents. We are so thrilled! Residents have been thriving in a whole new way with the addition of Dawn.

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