Murder Mystery Dinner Party at Rosewood Gardens!!

We always like to give the holidays a run for their money. So, this year instead of just a traditional Halloween party (which we also had) we held our first ever Murder Mystery Dinner Party.

Residents arrived to find the living room transformed into a cobweb laden creaky old mansion. They were all treated to a lively champagne cocktail party amongst the bats, owls, flickering candles, spooky music and “Oscar” our skeleton. Oscar generously allowed himself to be photographed with just about everyone.

Before the cocktail hour concluded our Marketing Director Kim was “Murdered” and died right in front of everyone (her performance was brilliant and it is still being talked about). Residents were then escorted to the living room where they have a sumptuous meal and found a box of “evidence” on each table. They all had until desert to solve the crime!

Luckily several residents were able to figure it out in time and the guilty party (Carlo our Dining Room Supervisor) was brought to justice! We had the best time, can’t wait for our next party.

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