The New Old Fashioned Radio Show!

After much planning and countless rehearsals, we are proud to announce that the very successful and well received first live performance of The Watermark at Rosewood Gardens Drama Club took place last Friday April 17th, 2015!

Residents gathered in our living room and café area to find it had been transformed into an old fashioned radio studio. After a few brief announcements the Drama Club was off and running with its condensed rendition of Neil Simon’s Plaza Suite. The audience found the portrayals of these classic characters hilarious. We are so very proud of our residents who put such heart into the work of bringing this theatrical piece to life.

It excites us so much to have seen this first performance become a reality, as it all started as an idea in our “Making Your Dreams Come True” Watermark University class a few months back, when one resident said she has always wanted to be a famous actress. Well on Friday she was, and we couldn’t be more pleased!

We will be bringing more radio style performances to our residents and families monthly.

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