My mom moved into Rosewood Gardens two months ago. She really liked it, and it’s close to me. The facility is very clean, modern, and very beautiful. Every Thursday they do a rosary, which I thought was really unique and nice. She really loves the steak burrito and lentil soup.

Review by Caring87743550

I did visit The Watermark at Rosewood Gardens but it was a little overpriced for the money that my friend had for his mother. I believe it is an excellent facility for my friend’s mother. She couldn’t stay put and would have to have a 24 hour person. Of all the facilities I went to, I believe it is the top. It is clean, and they have activities. It is newer than some of the ones I have been to. The friendliness and the cooperation looked fine.

Review by Robert108424050

I have visited Rose Wood with the church because our Bible study sometimes goes in and we visit these people once a month. It seemed a decent place to stay and the staff seemed pretty nice.

Review by Eloise1

They didn’t have a room available at the time we needed it. Rosewood Gardens was very nice, open, and spacious. The staff seemed nice. They have lovely gardens of roses, and there were people out sitting in the sun around a lot of the roses.

Review by Diane101077550

Rosewood was such an awesome place for my mom in-law! She loved it there! She truly was alive and enjoyed everyday! Our dancing queen!

Review by Judy Griffin Gonsalves
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I am very happy with the care that my mom is receiving at this beautiful community. The staff is very helpful and caring. We are happy with the activities that are available. I am glad that my mom is making friends there. They offer her great meals that she likes with the good variety. I know that she is in good care and that is making things easier for her and I both. I would recommend this community to other families wanting great care for loved ones.

Review by Livermore, CA Family
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My aunt with Alzheimer’s was miserable and lonely in independent living but didn’t have the mind to help herself. Even with her limited capacity and fearing change she chose Rosewood Gardens herself responding to many things there including the openness of the community rooms, current residents’ lively interactions with her and each other, and the way every staff member treated everyone including her like part of the neighborhood.
She’s been there four months now and Rosewood Gardens is more than we ever could have hoped for. It has given her (and others living there) something we never thought we’d find – wholeness of person and joy in living. Credit for this has to go Rosewood’s management and staff. I salute and thank them all for what they’re doing for us. My Aunt is very, very lucky. She is having a good time.

Review by Erin Leonard
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Loved the facility!  It was clean, welcoming, and I really liked that they even offer outings for residents in Memory Care too!

Review by Anonymous
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Mom’s only been physically here since the 31st, but so far is really liking the place and has made some new friends. I find the staff very kind, caring and available to questions and help. Food is great. We’ll see how things go for the future.

Review by Anonymous

Both my parents spent their last years at Rosewood.  They both suffered from dementia and I always felt Rosewood treated them with dignity and yet kept a protective watch over them.  They allowed me to hold Bible studies at Rosewood which my parents attended.  Dementia can be such a difficult time for the elderly and their families.  Rosewood took the edge off of this time for me and I actually experienced joy during the last years of my parents’ life.  The food was excellent for my parents and I would join them at many dinners and lunches.  I would also visit them when entertainers would come and sing or play instruments in the living room area.  And I attended church with them at Rosewood.  They had several health emergencies while there and Rosewood always acted quickly and responsibly to the emergencies.  I have such fond memories of Rosewood that even though my parents have been gone for a couple of years, I still stop by often and say hello to the other residents I met while my parents were there and also to the very friendly people who work there.   When I stopped by the other day, I realized again how Rosewood Gardens and my experience with my parents there was an important part of my life that brought a lot of joy to me and special time with my parents.  I highly recommend Rosewood Gardens for anyone searching for an excellent place for their family members.

Review by Rolleen C.

I was quite shocked when I came across a negative review for Rosewood Gardens so I felt I must strongly disagree with the previous reviewer. Our experience couldn’t be more different! My mother has been in Memory Care at Rosewood Gardens for almost one year now. Since the day she arrived, the entire staff has assisted with her transition and made it a 100% positive experience. Before my mother arrived at Rosewood, she was not socializing as much, which was not her norm and caused me concern. The staff at Rosewood helped her bond with both staff and residents alike and supported her by offering individual and group activities, both educational and social. When I visit, which is quite often, “The Gardens” residents are always busy having fun and participating!!…. singing, cooking, painting, exercise, and current events just to name a few activities.. Mom enjoys great meals and snacks, which I have also enjoyed on occasion! Medical issues are always handled promptly and professionally. The caring staff at Rosewood Gardens treat my mother with dignity and respect, which is of utmost importance to me! She now has adapted quite well to her life style and WE couldn’t be happier! Hey, last week Dean Martin gave a concert…well, sort of :).
Good Times!

Review by Vickie W.

Wanted to take a moment to write a review of Watermark. When I found Watermark I was dealing with the loss of my father and also the need for my mom to be in assisted living due to severe dementia. I was grieving and feeling upset that I would have to move my mom. My worry was definitely unfounded. The care and companionship she gets there is beyond exceptional. She is very happy and clearly enjoying her days. The staff are wonderful to her and I feel so good that she found her smile again.

Review by Monica P.

It was two years ago that I came to understand that my parents needed assistance. I researched in-home care as well as the local assisted living options here in the Livermore area. There were many different levels and types of care to choose from and I was beginning to have a difficult time deciding what option would be best for my parents until I found Rosewood Gardens. The facility looked like a cross between a cruise ship and a 5 star hotel. It was a wonderful departure from the cold sterile places I had visited. It even smelled good!

Kim warmly greeted me and toured me through the facility discussing the lifestyle that the residence develop in both the memory care area called “The Gardens” and the assisted living area. It was a relief to find a place that had different levels of care. The other places I visited offered limited levels of care creating the need to move a dementia patient to a different facility when the time came. The thought of moving my parents twice and the possibility of one parent having to move leaving the other behind was horrible. Here at Rosewood I could be confident that my parents would be able to stay together even if one developed difficulties that in another facility would force a move.

Kim was very helpful and supportive when I sat down and began discussing my parents’ situation. I know they needed to move but they didn’t want to and Kim understood the situation completely. She was very frank in letting me know that most people don’t want to move but want to continue their independent lifestyle in their own home. She let me know that many don’t move into assisted living until there is an accident, which forces the change. She also said that once they settle in they understand that living here is not stripping them of their independence but that it actually enhances it.

That is exactly what happened a year after my initial visit to Rosewood. My mother was in a car accident and my father a week before had an episode where he lost consciousness. That was it. They had to move! I was so glad that I had already done my research and had found Rosewood. I visited the facility again to speak with Kim and she remembered me right away. I found that the facility had been redecorated and looked even more amazing than it had the previous year. As I am sure most people in this situation are, I was really frazzled and Kim along with Joyce, the Move-in Coordinator, helped me through the process of getting my parents into the community.

My parents were not happy to leave their country home of 27 years, but slowly discovered that being at Rosewood made them more independent than they had been in their own home. My dad walks to Lifestyles Rx, a gym just two blocks from Rosewood. He also walks just one block in the other direction to a shopping center that has a grocery store, drug store and several restaurants if he needs a change of pace. I have been able to reestablish all of my mom and dad’s doctors here in Livermore just one to two blocks away from Rosewood. They can walk or scooter to their cardiologist, general practitioner, orthopedic specialist and even their dentist is right across the street!

These are people who really care about the residents as well as the families and they know that what’s best for the resident is taking care of the whole family in this transition. Some of the other amazing staff include Chelsea the receptionist and another Chelsea who drives residents on outings and appointments both are warm cheerful and professional; Stephanie Director of Activities and Jessica her assistant provide engaging activities and outings; Nancy the Executive Director soothes out any situation with calm grace and dignity; John the in-house nurse who works to find the right balance of independence and support for every resident; Blanca the Director of Resident makes sure the residents are getting the care they need and deserve; everyone in the med room dealing with the logistics of getting each resident the meds they need when they need them. Claudia in particular has been a great help to my mom – Thank you Claudia! And the cleaning staff that works tirelessly to keep the place spotless.

This level of care cannot be achieved without the staff being proud of the work they do and knowing that this work is worthwhile. The staff knows that each and every resident has so much to offer from their years of life and have so much more to live. It was not emotionally easy and stress levels were high, but through it all Joyce and Kim and all the staff were available to help solve the inevitable problems of transition. I can’t thank them enough for getting us through this past year.

Review by Dorla D.

My mother was in Memory Care at Rosewood until she passed away recently. I am still dealing with the loss of my mother, but wanted to take a minute to thank the staff at Rosewood for the excellent care they gave my mother, and for helping my family with all of the ups and downs of having a loved one in care. My family has had some experience with elder care, and we knew what my mom wanted and needed, but we also knew how difficult it could be to have those needs met. Kim, at the very start, was supportive and frank and thought of things that had never occurred to us. She was such a great help, and for me she understood exactly what I was saying to her and translated my wishes for my mom into realities. The most important thing that I want to let people know who are having to make the difficult decision to help a loved one into a assisted facility of any level is this: You want people around your loved one that truly care for them – because there is no substitute for this – and of equal importance you want a facility that is not “one size fits all” with their structure. My mom, like everyone, had her own idiosyncrasies and the staff at Rosewood bent over backwards to accommodate her in a way that other facilities would not have done. They are neither too big and impersonal or too small and “makeshift”. They were just right for my mom and she felt safe and cared for every day she was there. I am grateful to all of the kind and competent workers at Rosewood and will miss them.

Review by Loretta P.