Snowing in Livermore?!

Each year we head out one night after dinner to experience all the spectacular holiday lights our little Hamlet of Livermore has to offer.

Last night, we had the best time ever! First went took a gander at the incredible 20 foot high person of snow created by our very own Business Office Director, Barbara Paul.

Then, we visited the amazing home of the founder of California Lights on Nottingham Court. We had only planned to drive by and get a good look at the always amazing display. But as we were tuning our radio into hear to music that was synchronized to his lights, the owner came out and insisted he help us off our bus and across the street so that we could enjoy the “full experience”. Boy did we enjoy the full experience. We pushed buttons and heard caols, we inserted quarters and were snowed on! it was truly wonderful.

As if that wasn’t enough, we then headed to the irresistible Deacon Dave’s, a Livermore must see. Over one million lights!

Everyone is still aglow for a wonderful holiday drive.

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