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Thriving Through Friendship

Both Maggie and Mary are longtime residents of The Watermark at Rosewood Gardens. They met years ago when they were both residents in our Assisted Living Neighborhood. They shared common interests and attended many of the same outings and the occasional Bingo game.

We would often see them sitting together during our weekly Happy Hour and chatting in the lobby between activities. We could all see just how important it is to have another person to connect with when you are living in a new place.

Early last year Maggie moved to our Gardens Neighborhood. Mary asked about her every day and visited whenever she could. She missed her pal. A few months ago, Mary decided to join her friend living in our Gardens Neighborhood. Maggie and Mary rekindled their friendship in minutes. Mary has limited vision and is often asking for Maggie. Maggie delights in chatting with her best friend.

They often sit together during activities and meals. You might even see the two of them holding hands. All of their relatives are encouraging of their friendship; it feels like a huge extended family, exchanging birthday gifts and sharing happy news with one another. We believe one of the most important factors in a long and happy life is a positive connection with others. Mary and Maggie are a beautiful example of this every day. Have you called a good friend recently? Make sure to keep those relationships active and healthy—they mean the world!

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